Palestinian Children’s Day




Children’s Day is a holiday in which countries celebrate and appreciate their children. Almost every country has a specific date that they recognize as Children’s Day. The date of this day varies by country. Today is April 5th, which is the date that the people of Palestine recognize as their Children’s Day. However – this is no celebration for them – but rather a day in which they commemorate the children who have suffered, passed away or been kidnapped as a result of the Israeli occupation which continues to systemically oppress them daily. Over 3,000 Palestinian children are known to have been arrested since 2010, which was a statistic released in 2014. That’s the equivalent one child every two hours. ” The majority of the detained children were subjected to threats and physical torture including beatings during the investigation. The Israeli authorities responsible for the investigation often use ‘isolation’ against one in every five detained children, as a means of pressure during the investigations which may extend to 10 days on average and up to 30 days in some cases.” stated a Geneva-based watchdog.  According to a report done by Addustour the isolation involves investigative authorities placing the child in narrow cells and not allowing  anyone to meet with him.



Over 1,500 Palestinian children have been killed by Israel since 2000, another statistic from 2014, which equates to one child every three days. It is difficult to get updated statistics on these affairs because of how poorly the Israeli occupation keeps track of the numbers. 70% of Gazas children are refugees, or 588,000 out of 840,000. Most have been made refugees due to Israel’s constant illegal settlement expansion and confiscation of land. This land grab continues to uproot families from their homes, making new refugees and devastated families annually. In any case, Palestinian children most definitely deserve a day for their struggle to be remembered, among many other justices to be had. I hope you all will keep the children of Palestine in your hearts and minds today, and share this article with the rest of the world.

Brian Hazel

Palestinian Children’s Day

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