Israel demolishes Palestinian school in Abu Nuwar built by France

Palestinian teacher teaches outdoor class of students in Abu Nawar just after having their school demolished.


Recently, Israeli forces demolished a Bedouin school in the crippled community of Abu Nuwar. This community has been particularly devastated by the ever-increasing expansion of illegal Israeli settlements which continues to ravage the region. Formerly, they did not have any means of educating their children, and so the government of France decided to help by constructing a school for their children to learn in. However, the Israeli government claims that this building was constructed “without a permit” and therefore they were compelled to destroy it. Palestinians often express how it is extremely difficult to obtain a permit from Israeli authorities especially in areas of the West Bank which are under full Israeli control, otherwise known as Area C, which includes over 60% of the territory.

“The occupiers came at night and they destroyed the school. And us, where can we study? In al-Eizariya? Or in the air? Tell me. Where are we going to study?”

said one little girl who was to be a student at the school,

“We were glad. We came and saw it. And we came in the morning to see it, and to study in it, and we found it gone. The occupiers took it from us.”

said another.


“We set up tents for children so the march for education can continue. Of course, this reality was hard on children and painful for them.”

stated one of the volunteer teachers of the Bedouin community.

The twenty-five students, aged 7 – 8, continue to attend their classes out in the open air, extremely limited in resources and lacking basic standards for education.

“During the past few weeks alone, Israeli authorities in Area C and east Jerusalem demolished 201 Palestinian-owned structures, including 79 which were donor-funded,”

stated Nickolay Mladenov, special coordinator for the Middle East peace process,

“As a result, 320 people were displaced. Since the beginning of 2016, Israel has demolished, on average, 29 Palestinian-owned structures per week, three times the weekly average for 2015. These actions run directly counter to the idea of peace.”

Israeli authorities are continuing to increase pressure on the residence of Abu Nawar to relocate. The reason being that they intend to expand the nearby Israeli settlement of  Maale Adumim. So not only have these children lost their school, but they may very well soon lose their homes.

Israel demolishes Palestinian school in Abu Nuwar built by France

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