Canadian Human Rights Activist Arrested and Deported in Hebron


A human rights activist was recently assaulted and arrested in occupied Hebron Wednesday, July 20th.

Canadian activist Sarah Ali is said to have been monitoring human rights abuses near the Ibrahimi Mosque when she was confronted by 5 Israeli military police, who proceeded to force her to the ground and bind her hands and feet before carrying her away like a captive animal.

Featured below is video footage of the arrest.

Sarah Ali was later deported by the Israeli Border Police the following Friday.

Sarah is a member of the Hebron-based activist group known as Youth Against Settlements (YAS) who have been the target of numerous acts of harassment, intimidation and abuse by Israeli authorities and settlers alike.

This includes the various death threats that have been sent to the group by Israeli settlers, who have gone so far as to fire upon activists near the Youth Against Settlements Centre building a day after it was raided by armed Israeli soldiers. This also includes the continued discrimination against activist Issa Amro who has been detained and arrested by the Israeli military over 20 times for political dissidence.

Amro was reportedly arrested near theĀ  very same Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron on July 8th, 2013 when Israeli soldiers took him to a police station where he was handcuffed and beaten until he collapsed and was left lying on a stretcher. Israeli Security Forces proceeded to laugh at him, take pictures and threaten to shoot him before he was finally hospitalized five hours later.

Youth Against Settlements is recognized as an NGO in the United Nations Human Rights Council. UN Human Rights Expert Richard Falk has stated the following,

“Mr. Amro appears to be the victim of a pattern of harassment that includes an effort to intimidate him prior to his participation at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in June 2013 as NGO representative where he delivered two statements.”

“I am very concerned for Mr. Amro’s life, physical integrity and the psychological toll that this is having on his health and family,” stated UN Special Reporter Juan E. Mendez,
“It is beyond comprehension that the police summoned him the following morning to the same police station where he was abused.”

Multiple YAS activists are currently awaiting trial by Israeli military courts for unspecified non-violent offenses including Issa Amro, Farid Alatbash and Sohaib Aaz.


Brian Hazel

Canadian Human Rights Activist Arrested and Deported in Hebron

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