Palestinians living in Israel mark Anniversary of devastating October Riots


On Saturday, October 1st Palestinian ‘Israelis’ marched in the city of Sikhnin to commemorate the anniversary of the death of the Palestinians killed in the deadly October 2000 riots.

Mohammad Barakeh, the head of the High Monitoring Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel, made a speech at the rally. He said that Israel had not learned the lessons of the October riots. Barakeh stated that, the Israeli establishment, rather than embracing its Arab minority, was attempting to “tear it apart” and “destroy its political leadership.”

“They will not break our spirit,” said Barakeh, according to the Ynet news website. “We are excluded from all events, and all of a sudden its important for Israel if we participate in the funeral Shimon Peres?”

Shimon Peres, president of the state of Israel from 2007 to 2014, is a highly regarded Israeli official who is often painted as some sort of ‘Peacemaker’ in Israel. However, many people would beg to differ, and regard him instead as a blatant war criminal. Peres very recently passed away on September 28th, 2016.

The Joint List endured much criticism when its party members unanimously decided to boycott the funeral of the late Israeli president Peres.

On October 1st, 2000,  during the height of the Second Intifada, Arab Israeli citizens took to the streets to protest the visit of then opposition leader Ariel Sharon on the Temple Mount. This lead to high tensions and clashes with police. In the heat of the moment, Israeli police officers took the lives of 13 Palestinian protesters.

Brian Hazel

Palestinians living in Israel mark Anniversary of devastating October Riots

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